School Ball limousine to stand out from the Masses.
School Ball Bellagio Limousines

We are always opening our emails to find so many School Ball enquiries and phone calls and Text messages usually do not stop until after 9pm during School Ball Season.

Given that these YR12 students are entering into adulthood ,they are eager and very capable to organise their School Ball limo without Mum and Dad.

Jeremy RusliDue to a contract taking place between Bellagio Limousines and the booking party we deem it a necessary requirement and a legality to speak with a Parent or Guardian.

It is our duty of care to ensure all children are safe and chaperoned.
We instruct all our chauffeurs to personally escort the students to the school Ball Venue in Perth.
At the conclusion of the Evening we arrive 15-45 mins prior to the scheduled pick up time and we notify the student of our arrival and whereabouts also.

Lately we have been the first Limousines to have arrived,which is perfect because the after Ball is where they continue to enjoy the Night and we aren’t held up or delayed by Buses and other cars.

Jeremy decided that the Black Jeep SUV was the best looking Limousine in Perth and simply could not wait to enjoy it’s luxurious presence.

Good on you Jeremy & Thanks so much for your feedback ! Best wishes for your Future

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