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Collection of Information
When you visit this website two types of information are gathered. This includes anonymous statistical information used to improve the website user experience, ensuring we are providing you with the most relevant information available. The other information that is gathered is personal information that is gathered when a visitor specifically provides it to us (such as through a contact form submission).

Personal Information
Bellagio Limousines may ask users to provide information that personally identifies an individual in certain circumstances, including for example when submitting an enquiry form or order. We use personal information for two primary purposes:

• To enable quick and convenient contact with specific individuals who require follow-up services from us.
• To create a record of personal information that can be utilized in the future within our marketing and customer service departments, should the need for contact again be necessary.

This website employs a feature known as cookies to store anonymous visitor information but also as a part of the normal web browser experience, where information is stored on your computer so you can resume your searches from the previous day. Cookies are a normal part of using web pages and can be easily removed by selecting to delete them when emptying your history, please refer to your web browser documentation for further information.

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Feedback and Changes to This Policy
The Privacy Policy on this website is an ever evolving document, and as such will be subject to changes at our discretion. Any such changes will be made public on our website or through other communication vehicles.