Planning to Propose to the love of your life
Weddings Bellagio Limousines

When Sean contacted us at Bellagio Limousines he was very decisive that his special plan to propose to Katrina remained sealed.We understood how important it was to remain discreet and we only made contact with Sean during office hours- to ensure the surprise element was delivered perfectly.

pender proposalRendezvous Hotel- Scarborough was the chosen point for the Silver Chrysler Limousine to meet this couple before travelling through the City of Perth.

Champagne and Red Carpet made this special evening memorable.

Later that evening the Silver Chrysler from Bellagio Limousines chauffeured by Nando arrived at C restaurant in Perth where the couple had enjoyed a sensational meal.

Congratulations once again to you both from The Belalgio Limousines Bunch.

Thank you very much for your excellent service your driver and office staff were a pleasure to deal with.

Kind Regards,
Sean Pender