Making an Impression upon Business Guests

Making an Impression upon Business Guests

Our pretty city mightn’t be a business hub like London, Hong Kong, New York, or even Sydney, but we do see a lot of international businesspeople making their way to Perth for important business meetings. After all, Western Australia is the most resource rich of all the states and territories and it’s remarkable how much capital flows through our state, even when commodities prices are down.

When attending an important meeting it’s essential to make a great impression upon those you’re meeting with, even if you’ve met with them previously. And along with the right attire and the right attitude, nothing exudes professionalism like arriving in a luxury car. Like Bellagio’s new 2015 Mercedes E Class sedan, a striking vehicle with sleek, graceful lines and the spellbinding, mesmerising aesthetics that have made Mercedes one of the most desirable automotive makes of all time.

For anyone looking to make an impression on an important business client, this stunning vehicle can’t be matched with regard to looks, comfort or safety, making it the ultimate vehicle to chauffeur an important guest to and from the airport or around town. Let’s not forget just how much of an attraction the City of Perth is, especially for foreign visitors who’ve never set foot on Australian soil before, let alone visited a beach the calibre of Cottesloe, Scarborough or Mettams Pool.

Right from the Get-Go

Whether you’re picking your guest up from the airport or meeting them at their hotel, it’s essential to make an excellent impression from the very first moment. If you have the good sense to hire our Mercedes E Class sedan for the day and have one of our personable local chauffeurs drive you about the city, making an excellent impression upon your guest right from the get-go won’t be an issue. In fact, it’s safe to say it’s guaranteed.

However, as impressive as our new E Class is, you’ve still got a role to play here. Consequently, before you make arrangements with Bellagio’s, it’s a wise move to plan your day. Naturally, you’ll have business to discuss – the E Class lends itself perfectly to impromptu business meetings – but you also have to eat and show your guest around the city, so plan an itinerary that takes in a few sights and either lunch or dinner at one of the many world-class restaurants in the CBD or nearby.

Dining in Perth

Our chauffeurs can make suggestions regarding the most popular upmarket dining options in the city, but chances are you’ll have a few establishments in mind. 1907 Restaurant & Bar – an eclectic menu in plush surrounds – and Co-Op Dining – ‘farm to fork’ dining with chic ambiance – are two popular dining establishments that are sure to impress even the most discerning guest, but don’t overlook something simple, like Clancy’s Fishbar City Beach. Sometimes simplicity impresses the most.

To impress an important business guest visiting Australia for the first time, show them around Perth in the comfort and opulence of our new 2015 Mercedes E Class.