Explore the Historic Village of Guildford

Like all Australian cities, Perth and the Swan Valley are home to quite a number of heritage listed buildings and attractions. Whilst not every attraction or building will appeal to everyone, there’s certain to be a heritage listed place of interest that has something special to offer you, like the village of Guildford, just 20 kilometres from the Perth CBD, and a great destination for a chauffeured day trip in a stylish Bellagio limousine!

The Village of Guildford

Guildford was one of three villages established in 1829 during the founding of the Swan River Colony, the other two being Perth, the colony’s administrative capital, and Fremantle, the colony’s port which lies 30 kilometres away via the Canning Highway and National Route 1.

Guildford was the market town and as it boasts many places of interest, including the third oldest pub in Australia, the Rose and Crown Inn, which is heritage listed and has been restored to showcase its former beauty, it’s one of the most popular attractions to visit on a chauffeured day trip from Perth.

This is a beautiful pub built in the Georgian style with a sharply pitched roof that was originally covered in timber shingles. And as you’ll be relaxing in the back of a limo afterwards on the way to your next destination, it’s perfect for a long, leisurely lunch.

Guildford Heritage Walk Trails

Hiring a limo to take you to the Guildford Heritage Walk Trails, all of which begin and end at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre, is a great idea at any time of the year. These walks take in a variety of sights, including a wonderful array of antique stores, heritage listed buildings, historical hotels, and a number of cafés.
From shortest to longest, the walks are as follows:

• The Stirling Square Circuit (450m)
• The River Ramble (1500m)
• The Town Walk (1800m)
• The Captain Stirling Walk (2250m)

These are four walks that you have to take your pick of, and as none are very long – the longest walk will take you at most 75 minutes – you could do all four in one day.

The Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail
There are several wonderful cycle trails to select from, one of which begins and ends in Guildford, whilst the others pass through the village. If you have wisely decided to travel in the epitome of comfort and style by hiring a limousine to travel to Guildford, you can hire an electric bike when you get there.

Unlike the walking trails that begin and end at the same point, the cycle trails begin and end at different places, so you’re advised to plan your day, and if you intend to make a day of it, to leave fairly early in the morning so as to leave yourselves ample time to explore, have a leisurely lunch, and enjoy the sights along the way.

For a wonderful excursion a short drive in a stretch limousine from pretty Perth, why not spend the day in the charming village of Guildford?