Find the Best Hidden Bars and Pubs on a Limo Tour of Perth

Perth, like pretty much everywhere else in the country, is home to a wide variety of bars, pubs, and watering holes of all descriptions. And like pretty much every city in the country, it boasts its fair share of ‘hidden’ bars and pubs, those watering holes that haven’t made their way onto one of those ‘top ten lists’, or even a local travel guide.

These bars and pubs are usually small, though not always a ‘hole in the wall’, and they’re generally extremely stylish and cater for a local clientele, which doesn’t mean folks from out of town aren’t welcome since this is Perth, by far the friendliest city in Australia, and therefore one of the most welcoming cities the world over.

If you’re planning an evening out with friends in Perth, why not hire a limousine with Bellagio to chauffeur you to the following bars in and around the city? Along with these hidden gems, your limo driver can make a few informed suggestions about the best watering holes to visit in Perth, and wait for you nearby to take you to your next destination.

Varnish on King
Located at 75 King Street, Varnish on King is a basement bar tucked away in a rather unassuming spot – don’t worry, if you hire a limo your local driver will find it – but wait until you make your way down the stairs and inside. The décor is about as cool as you’ll find anywhere in the world and it boasts a very laidback and friendly vibe.
With an impressive whiskey selection – more than 200 are on offer – a fantastic wine list, and a highly creative food menu, one could easily spend the entire day in here.

The Jazz Cellar
Situated on Buxton Street, the Jazz Cellar is often billed as ‘the ultimate hidden bar in Perth’. After you exit the limo, you enter through a red phone booth and making your way downstairs to the basement, you’ll find one of the city’s coolest bars with great jazz tunes, friendly clientele from wall to wall, and great décor.

Sneaky Tony’s
A little bar located to the rear of 28 Roe Street in Northbridge, Sneaky Tony’s take the concept of the hidden bar to new levels – a secret password is purportedly required to gain entrance.
There’s no signage out the front to notify you that you’ve reached your destination, but if you can find it, and you’re surely savvy enough to do so – you can always ask your limo driver – it’s definitely worth the effort, plus you may find another cool little bar tucked away somewhere in the process.

Additionally, you may also like to have your driver take you to Ezra Pound, the Mechanic’s Institute, and Joe’s Juice Joint, all of which are found on William Street in Northbridge, as well as bustling Helvetica to the rear of number 101 on Georges Terrace, the main street in the Perth CBD, and a beautiful sight at night partying with friends in a chauffeured limousine.