Bellagio’s Limo of the Month – 2015 Grand Cherokee White Jeep Limousine

As you may have heard already, Bellagio’s 2015 Grand Cherokee White Jeep limo has arrived at last and it’s already turning heads around the city. The only one of its kind in Perth, this striking limousine is feature packed, aesthetically astonishing, and has so much to offer partygoers, revellers and celebrants, not to mention brides and grooms to be, planning magical days and nights out.

Since it’s in such high demand you’ll need to book well in advance if you’re to secure it for your next outing, but before you pick up the phone to call Bellagio’s, let’s take a quick look at the features this remarkable example of American mechanical finesse has to offer. It’s impressive to say the least.


With more features than its predecessor when it rolled out of the factory at Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) and even more features now that we’ve had it custom upgraded for our clients’ pleasure, our 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep is the ultimate luxury limousine experience.

At 9 metres in length and seating 12 passengers in the back comfortably, it puts the ‘stretch’ in stretch limousine, but there’s so much more to this striking vehicle than it’s remarkable size and the number of passengers it can transport across Perth.

Middle Entry Gullwing Door

This feature is becoming ‘standard’ for many limos these days, but there’s nothing about our 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep limo which could be described in such terms.

The positioning of the door and the way it opens up not only provides ease of access to its gorgeous interior, it also bestows upon passengers the opportunity to make a stylish entrance once they’ve reached their destination. You’ll feel like a celebrity.

Infinity Ceiling

No other limousine in Perth boasts an infinity ceiling that seems to never end, or never begin, depending on your point of view! This may seem like an excessive feature to some, but it’s another one of those special little touches that Bellagio’s believes helps to set our limousines apart from the rest. And our clients agree!

Three Bars

Not one, not two, but three bars complement the opulence of the upholstery and the interior of our 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep limousine, all of which are pearl black to balance the chocolate and metallic white upholstery with cappuccino suede inserts.

Phenomenal Lighting

To get your party started right from the get-go, we’ve decked out our new pride and joy with a wild variety of lighting effects – fibre optic, laser, LED and strobe lights.

Sure, other limousine companies in Perth have similar lighting effects, but they don’t have a 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep limousine to flash them about and they can’t combine their lighting system with an infinity ceiling either. It’s a one-of-a-kind in Perth, just like our latest addition to the Bellagio fleet and the luxury limousine experiences we provide for our valued clients.

To book our brand new 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep limousine for your next outing, give Bellagio’s a call today – 0404348601.