Perth’s Newest, Longest and Current Model
12 Passenger  Chrysler Limousine


Perth's Longest and Newest 2015 Current Model Chrysler Pearl White Limousine

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2015 Chrysler 300 12 Passenger Limousine Features

Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 4.0m Stretch Limousine.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Brand New! arrived August 2015.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Current Model Chrysler 300 finished in glittering Pearl White.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Comfortably seating 12 passengers in the rear.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Middle Entry; Jet or Gull Wing Bridal Door for ease of entry and exit.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Interior; finished in cappuccino, words such as Style, Class, Opulence, Rich and Simple best describes the interior.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x204 LED Screens complimenting the Digital Audio Hi-Fidelity Entertainment System with AUX input.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 3 Large Pearl Black Bars.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Led, Fibre Optic, Laser and Strobe Lighting.


Undoubtedly the Chrysler 300C Limousine has been the limousine of choice for many people of Perth for the last 8 – 10 years, and like all good things, there comes a time when an “upgrade” is required.

However Bellagio Limousines just did not upgrade to another 10 passenger; 3.55m stretch limousine!

No…they went one step better. They upgraded to the latest model; 12 Passenger (rear); 4.0m stretch Chrysler 300 limousine!

Finished in Pearl White, this new limousine is Longer, Sleeker and just Stunning to look at. Many words such as Style, Class, Opulence, Rich and Simple could describe the interior. Unlike its predecessor, the ride of this limousine is so smooth, with road noise so quiet. The features of this limousine is second to none with a Middle Entry Gull Wing Door, 4 LCD Digital Audio Hi-Fidelity Entertainment System with AUX input, LED and Fibre Lighting.

Call Bellagio Limousines Now! to secure this limousine for your next special occasion.