Experience Passion Professionalism and Pride

“No matter what the event maybe…Experience, Passion Professionalism and Pride are the key ingredients
(as a DJ/MC Entertainer) that will help make your next event a huge success.” – DJ Giorgio Patino

Why book DJ Giorgio Patino?

Experience – with over 26 years experience and having performed at over 3000 events since 1989, DJ Giorgio has entertained thousands of guests at Weddings, Clubs, Pubs, Private and Corporate Events. His Music Knowledge, Emcee skills and Technical DJ skills have been acquired with years of experience. Having DJ Giorgio’s level of experience at your next event only assists at making your next event a huge success.

Passion – DJ Giorgio is Passionate about making your event a success. In his eyes, there is nothing more satisfying than to have your guests, your family and your friends thank you for such a wonderful evening, because of the entertainment they received at your event.

Pride – DJ Giorgio takes Pride and Ownership at all the events he performs at. He wants the same as what you would want…an awesome evening to be enjoyed by all. He presents himself and his equipment in a clean, respectable and professional manner. He will treat your guests with respect, friendliness and courtesy. He wants you and your guests to remember your next event for all the right reasons!

Professionalism – DJ Giorgio is a Professional. From the very first phone call to the final song of your event, you will be so grateful and relieved that you had employed such a Professional DJ/MC in DJ Giorgio.

Knowledge – Your event is not the same as last weeks event. Your event may require a DJ/MC that understands a European Culture, or maybe your Event requires a DJ that is fluent with Retro music or maybe your event needs an MC that can speak another language. With over 26 years of experience in the entertainment industry, DJ Giorgio has experienced many different facets of culture and music.

European – You maybe celebrating an Italian Wedding; OR maybe you’re holding a Greek Dinner Dance. Being of Italian/Greek descent, DJ Giorgio is versatile with all European Events. He has Deejayed and Emceed at Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and Portuguese Events. He can also emcee Weddings in Italian and Greek.

Music – the key ingredient of any event. The music played at an event can “make or break” the event. DJ Giorgio’s music knowledge is extremely wide and diverse. His innate capability to play so many generations of music, gives the host of any event, comfort and assurance knowing their guests will enjoy themselves, thus making the event a success. DJ Giorgio’s intimate knowledge of the following styles and genre’s of music will surely assist in reaching and touching the most astute listeners of music at any event.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Italian, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 50’s & 60’s – Croon to traditional Rock n Roll.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 70’s – the Disco Era. Eg The Jackson 5, Gloria Gaynor etc
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 80’s – the era of synthesisers. The era of Cyndi Lauper, Soft Cell, The Buggles to name a few.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 90’s – the era when music went in so many directions. Eg MC Hammer, Technotronic, Prince, Nirvana…
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 2000’s – the era of Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Usher, Flo Rida to name a few
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 2010’s – the popular rise DJ Producers such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii etc
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 House Music – Pop, Deep and Chill House
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Pop R n B
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Pop Pub Tracks
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20 Pop Cheesy Tracks.

Equipment & Back-Up – the reproduction of music is also critical to the success of your event and DJ Giorgio has spared no expense. For every event DJ Giorgio carries:
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20Notebook Computer with External Hard Drive (Backup Notebook Computer and External Hard Drive also on hand)
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD/SD/USB/Rekordbox Players
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20Pioneer DJM850 Mixer
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20Mackie SRM450 Powered Speakers & Powered Subwoofer
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20Cordless Microphones

Weddings by DJ & Emcee Giorgio Patino

Weddings are long remembered as a celebration of love, laughter and life.

With over 26 years of DJ and Emcee experience, DJ Giorgio Patino has performed at thousands of weddings.

He works with you from the very first phone call to the very last song to ensure your day is exactly what you dreamed it would be.

With detailed planning meetings, DJ Giorgio Patino will strive to accommodate all of your music/entertainment needs.

Need assistance choosing music for your wedding ceremony and or reception? Not a problem…DJ Giorgio Patino is more than happy to assist.

You can relax in the knowledge that you have chosen an experienced, passionate and professional DJ for one of the most important days of your life – your wedding day.

DJ/MC Horror Stories

We have all heard of many DJ horror stories, and for someone like yourself, it probably make s you extremely sceptical when you need to book a DJ for an event.

Irrespective what the event maybe i.e. a 21st Birthday Party, Corporate Staff Event or your Wedding Day, you do not want to become another “DJ Horror Story.”

Why chance the success of your event for the sake of a few dollars?

You can have peace of mind knowing, your entertainment for your event is being managed by an experienced DJ/MC/Entertainer. DJ Giorgio Patino

Horror Story #1
Recently I attended a Wedding, and OMG… the DJ! He was dressed in jeans, a dirty t-shirt and wore a cap. Anyone would think he was going to a “Hip Hop” party instead of a wedding. Anyway things just got worse from there…he was drinking all night, he played the wrong Entry song the wrong Bridal Dance song. The Bride was so disappointed and in tears.

Horror Story #2
My friend got married on the weekend and they had their Uncle emcee the wedding. Well, apparently, he got so drunk at the wedding, that he forgot to tell the Bride & Groom to cut their wedding cake. And after when the reception centre reminded him, he stood up near the cake, and as he introduced the Bride & Groom, he swung his arm around and knocked the top tier completely off the cake and cake table!

Horror Story #3
About 6 months ago I attended my Work Party. I arrived about an hour after the scheduled invite time and noticed there was no music. I asked one of my work colleagues “Where’s the DJ?” and he said “he’s just arrived.” I asked “Isn’t he late?” and he said “Yes. Apparently he had written down the wrong date or something.”

DJ/MC/Limousine Packages

What will be your advantage by booking your DJ/MC/Limousine Services with Bellagio Limousines and DJ Giorgio?

Clear-Tick-icon-20x20One contact point for Two Services.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20Two Companies delivering the same level of Professionalism, Passion, Pride and Experience.
Clear-Tick-icon-20x20…and… a nice discount!

If you have already booked your Bellagio Limousine Services and you haven’t booked a DJ for your event, contact DJ Giorgio Patino on 0404 348 601 or email [email protected] and he will be able to provide you a discounted DJ/MC Service.

For more information visit DJ GIORGIO PATINO’s website.

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